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  • Title: Tarantula
  • Release year: 1955
  • Movie genres: Horror; Sci-Fi
  • Director: Jack Arnold
  • Actors: John Agar, Mara Corday, Leo G. Carroll, Nestor Paiva, Ross Elliott, Edwin Rand, Raymond Bailey, Hank Patterson, Bert Holland, Steve Darrell, Jack Arnold
  • Movie length: 80 min.

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This film is not only a good must see and fast film, but it's supposed to be a top rated.

Don't waste time examining this movie, Tarantula because it is the worst of actions of Horror genre. Tarantula is released in 1955 year and it did not bring a lot of money or got high marks because the level of the action is much lower than average. Even not bad at all acting of Raymond Bailey does not make it looking much better. But, of course, if you don't know how to spend your free time and looking forward not to think about something serious then you are able to spend 80 min of life on Tarantula.

Tarantula is a very average picture and that is why there is an average rating it gets from us and from people who spent time with it. This is a action in Horror genre with standard acting of well-known actors like Raymond Bailey, Leo G. Carroll. You could find some interesting ideas that are opened in it but so many pieces of the action are not well done at all. So, if you have got some free time and interested in watching Tarantula from 1955 with duration 80 min then you are able to do it.

:) I think that you will like Tarantula action. Welcome.

This movie was one of the innovational in 1955. Better sound, fantastic motion.

Tarantula Sci-Fi film was made in 1955. John Agar, Ross Elliott, Mara Corday, Raymond Bailey made the Sci-Fi motion picture so great.

Great actors giving cool performances but the storyline is flat and predictable.

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