Watch Mis-drop 2013 movie

  • Title: Mis-drop
  • Release year: 2013
  • Movie genres: Short; Sci-Fi; Thriller
  • Director: Ferand Peek
  • Actors: Elliot Travers, Maria Walker, Larry Rew, Rowan Bettjeman, Joyce Kamille Cristal, Kerry-Lee Dewing, Luke Hawker, Greg Hornsby, Fraser McLeod, Charles Mesure, Ferand Peek
  • Movie length: 14 min.

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This movie is a really fun date movie with much of superior action.

Mis-drop movie was created in 2013 and it belongs to Short genre. Stars as Kerry-Lee Dewing, Charles Mesure, Larry Rew, Luke Hawker make this Short movie so great. It is true, Mis-drop is one of the best movie in Short style in 2013. Such actors like Kerry-Lee Dewing, Charles Mesure, Larry Rew, Luke Hawker made this marvelous film even more better. Movie time: 14 m.

A lot of action, adventure and betrayal. Just stream it it's very engaging. My favorite Short movie. I really like this movie and I am not interested about what you think about the "Mis-drop" movie because I enjoy it so much!

We hope that you will like this movie. It is just my point of view.

Mis-drop story is not only a great must watch and stunning film, but it's created to be a top rated. A flick of good level that I watch many times and enjoying every time. I think this is the kind of flick must be watched in the cinema. Cast team very well picked and I think many performers fit well with the roles also strong in acting. Visuals compared to 1990s beautiful, looks like they spent a lot of dollars on the film. I'm very happy with some parts but it was still excellent. Also, the story line is a bit complicated. A flick that I would suggest if you plan to have fun in your spare time! Mis-drop is an average motion picture and that is why it gets average rating from us and from so many people who watched it. This is a action in Sci-Fi category with ordinary acting of quite well-known actors like Rowan Bettjeman, Greg Hornsby. It is possible to find some interesting ideas that are covered in it but some pieces of the action are not well done at all. So, if there is free time and interested in watching Mis-drop from 2013 with length 14 min then you are able to do it. :) We hope that you will fall in love in Mis-drop action. Cheers.