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  • Title: 100% Service
  • Release year: 1931
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Short
  • Director: Ray Cozine
  • Actors: George Burns, Gracie Allen, Ray Cozine
  • Movie length: 11 min.

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Just my impression. This film is just a nice for one time watch. It could have been a really good movie but they killed it with that old sound track. I was impressed to see so many negative reviews, many people are really not possible to satisfy. This film was 11 minutes long but very captivating, and I get pleasure how the producers weren't afraid to risk. I have read lots other movie reviews that say that there's invalid plot. Unless you're psychologically handicapped or not following cause you're on your phone the whole film, the plot is pretty clear, and good this is my opinion. 100% Service film was made in 1931 and belongs to Short category. I spent a lot of days to get all these free links to 100% Service movie. Starring Ray Cozine, Gracie Allen, George Burns made this film so so great. 8) I hope that you will love 100% Service action. Cheers.

I liked this movie from beginning to finish. 100% Service film is a very nice movie, that filled with much of fantastic action.

100% Service would be so exciting for all real devotees of Comedy genre. It is so nice and so impressive and all the stuff here looks very cool. On this site you would find great acting of your beloved actors like Ray Cozine, Gracie Allen, George Burns who are real pro and definitely know everything in acting. Yes, some scenes are a little bit too long and boring and that's why the length of the action in 11 minutes. But this is the problem of director, nor the actors. So, if you love to see some nice long action of year 1931 then 100% Service is before you!

100% Service is telling witnesses a really interesting story and together with excellent acting of Ray Cozine, Gracie Allen, George Burns, this movie brings a lot of great emotions to to all people who checked it. This is one of the best roles of Ray Cozine and you would love so much everything that gonna take place here. 100% Service the most anticipated actions of 1931. You would understand why after staring to watch the film. Duration of 100% Service is: 11 minutes. We hope you wouldn't regret about this right choice and about examining the movie.

Good story line, authentic filming, and obviously worth watching! Fun and humorous and original. Not the best story line or performing, but impressive in its own right. If you are looking for cool performance and brutality, this picture delivers with ease.

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