Watch Katie: Portrait Of A Centerfold 1978 movie

  • Title: Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold
  • Release year: 1978
  • Director: Robert Greenwald
  • Actors: Kim Basinger, Vivian Blaine, Fabian, Tab Hunter, Don Johnson, Virginia Kaiser, Dorothy Malone, Nan Martin, Melanie Mayron, Terri Nunn, Robert Greenwald
  • Movie length: 98 min.
  • Movie genres: Drama

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Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold movie is not only a great must see and cool film, but it is created to be a top.

How do you imagine why Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold from Drama category got the average mark from us? Because it is really average and it is impossible to find a lot of interesting things to watch in it. If you have got a lot of free time and looking forward to spend 98 minutes of it then this action of year 1978 is your opportunity to spend it in more delightful way. But if telling the truth, the acting of Nan Martin in main role and famous Nan Martin, Melanie Mayron in other roles is not cool at all.

You will definitelydefinitely love to to have fun with Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold that is one of the best Drama movies of 1978. Famous actors of the action: Nan Martin, Melanie Mayron. They are acting their roles in a cool way bringing us so many of pleasure from seeing how high quality they could perform. It is one of the best movies of Nan Martin. Length of the action is: 98 minutes and these minutes would not and could not leave you indifferent or something else!

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I liked this movie from beginning to finish. Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold movie is a very cool movie, filled with lots of good action.

If u fed up with all the same tapes in Drama genre and want to watch something wonderful and not ordinary then get congratulations because Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold is before u right now! Both the director and famous actors like Fabian, Vivian Blaine are real pro and it seems they are not act but living their roles, becoming parts of their heroes. We think this is one of the best of all tapes of 1978. Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold length is 98 minutes where u will see so many unforgettable and indescribable plans! Just sit comfortable and start getting tons of enjoyment!

In general it is a very great picture. Don't wait a perfect storyline or good acting or a good manuscript because that's not what this movie is about. If you just need to sit and just watch a movie on a Friday evening just to have a quiet time then this may be a good option.

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