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  • Title: The Monster of Piedras Blancas
  • Release year: 1959
  • Movie genres: Horror; Sci-Fi
  • Director: Irvin Berwick
  • Actors: Les Tremayne, Forrest Lewis, John Harmon, Frank Arvidson, Jeanne Carmen, Don Sullivan, Pete Dunn, Joseph La Cava, Wayne Berwick, Irvin Berwick
  • Movie length: 71 min.

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That's the best joy I've had while watching a film in many years. Yes, the action was over the top, but it was certainly worth a watch. Surely, there were incredible, wild, even rubbishy moments, but I have to say, it wasn't a waste. Why 9 stars instead of, say, 10? Because, over the past few years, there's been a lot of likely excellent flicks that it is good to finally find one that is worth your while. 100% recommended! All lovers of really cool movies in Sci-Fi genre would be very glad to watch The Monster of Piedras Blancas very much. So, if u are one of us then u should just sit comfortable and start starting to get tons of delight examining this film of year 1959. Here u would find a very great acting of your beloved actors: Wayne Berwick, Don Sullivan, Les Tremayne, Irvin Berwick who look so cool and on their places in The Monster of Piedras Blancas. The running time of the film is 71 minutes but u feel it is just one second because all the stuff of the film is so exciting. So, u shouldn't think how to spend so unforgettable evening anymore! This film is a really fun date film with much of world-class action. Waiting? Go and start watching The Monster of Piedras Blancas film right now. Don't hesitate to like our site.

This movie to me was not like many of the Horror packed movies that I used to watch. This movie was strange because it more secret and let me get closer and follow the main character. This movie definitely is full of motion and there wasn't a moment where I felt distracted or disinterested from the movie. The Monster of Piedras Blancas movie belongs to Horror genre and was created in 1959. Irvin Berwick is one of my loved actors (who does not enjoy Irvin Berwick?) and this was the main reason why I had to to watch this film. Irvin Berwick was the actor who had some magic, who has his own reality. 100%, The Monster of Piedras Blancas film is a truly one of the hottest film in Horror genre in 1959. Movie length is 71 mins. The Monster of Piedras Blancas is a right movie especially for fans of Irvin Berwick, John Harmon, Wayne Berwick. Cool effects, well written, wonderful filming, and well acted. Don't wait. Start watching The Monster of Piedras Blancas film right now. Tweet The Monster of Piedras Blancas movie, and share with friends.