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  • Title: Diên Biên Phú
  • Release year: 1992
  • Director: Pierre Schoendoerffer
  • Actors: Donald Pleasence, Patrick Catalifo, Jean-François Balmer, Ludmila Mikaël, François Négret, Maxime Leroux, Raoul Billerey, Thé, Anh, Christopher Buchholz, Patrick Chauvel, Pierre Schoendoerffer, Maxime Laloux
  • Movie length: 140 min.
  • Movie genres: Drama; War

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I liked this movie from start to finish. This movie is a very good movie, that filled with much of great action.

If you have free 140 mins of your life and do not know how to spend them then you could check up Diên Biên Phú that is not interesting movie in War niche of year 1992. Maybe there are some moments of the movie that would even be quite interesting for u but the movie with not impressive acting of Patrick Catalifo, Thé, Maxime Laloux, Jean-François Balmer is not cool, if telling the truth. So, if you wish, you are able watch it but IMHO, there are more interesting things to do in free time of yours.

Are you interested in checking up movie in War niche? Then you should not miss an opportunity of watching Diên Biên Phú, the movie that certainly make you fascinated very much! Starring such a famous actors like: Patrick Catalifo, Thé, Maxime Laloux, Jean-François Balmer and you should see how they are making the movie so great and so outstanding. It is certainly the best War movie of the year 1992. Running time time is: 140 mins that would bring you a lot of positive impressions. Start watching it!

Interesting breathtaking and really fun. Good special fxs for a tiny budget film. Good plot a good surprise around every corner.

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Diên Biên Phú film is a really decent movie, that filled with some cool action.

You should not waste time checking up this film, Diên Biên Phú because it is one of the worst actions of War niche. Diên Biên Phú is produced in 1992 year and it did not bring money or got high marks because it's level is much lower than average. Even nice acting of Jean-François Balmer does not make it looking much better. But, of course, if you don't know how to spend your free time and looking forward not to think about something serious then you are able to waste 140 minutes of life on Diên Biên Phú.

Do you want to spend some enjoyable time by yourself or with friends of yours? Then you should not be against of watching Diên Biên Phú that is definitely one of the greatest movies of 1992 in War niche. Starring great actors like: Jean-François Balmer, François Négret, Anh are acting in it and it is absolutely truth that the way they are acting would bring a lot of nice positive emotions to u. Length of the film is: 140 minutes. We think u would definitely like it very much and wish you a good screening.

We think that you 100% will enjoy this action. It is just my personal opinion.