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  • Title: Amanda by Night
  • Release year: 1981
  • Movie genres: Adult; Crime; Drama; Thriller
  • Director: Gary Graver
  • Actors: Veronica Hart, John Alderman, Robert Kerman, Samantha Fox, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy, Lisa De Leeuw, Lee Carroll, Brooke West, Arcadia Lake, Gary Graver
  • Movie length: 95 min.

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Good movie. Amanda by Night at least is a something cool and original in 1981.

Oh, Amanda by Night is cool, it is one of the greatest of all movies in Crime category. It is our recommendation to watch the movie and the playing of such a wonderful famous actors like: Jamie Gillis, Veronica Hart, Ron Jeremy would impress you so much. All actors are playing wonderful but the acting of Jamie Gillis is somethings unordinary and sometimes unbelievable. Running time of the movie is: 95 minutes. Get so many of delightful impressions during great time with Amanda by Night.

Amanda by Night is a really good Crime picture. While it isn't entirely void of glitches, few missteps don't change the movie so much. The three central elements of the movie are: visuals, interaction between performers and the plot. All three are quite excellent actually. The pace of the movie is suitable, it's fast, but it's not hard to track. Yes this is not a popcorn motion picture, but it's totally acceptable and as just as enjoyable each time.

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