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  • Title: Love Speed and Thrills
  • Release year: 1915
  • Director: Walter Wright
  • Actors: Mack Swain, Minta Durfee, Chester Conklin, Josef Swickard, Walter Wright
  • Movie length: 13 min.
  • Movie genres: Action; Comedy; Short

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I liked this movie from start to finish. This movie is a very nice movie, filled with much of great action.

Love Speed and Thrills Short movie was produced in 1915. Mack Swain, Josef Swickard, Minta Durfee, Walter Wright, Chester Conklin have made this movie exclusive to watch. Just my imho.

This film, Love Speed and Thrills of 1915 year makes people who watch it feeling impressed about watching it! And we recommend you to start watching the film getting tons of cool emotions about it! Sometimes it is funny and there are some times with so deep ideas, it is wonderful. The acting of Mack Swain, Josef Swickard, Minta Durfee, Walter Wright, Chester Conklin makes it even better. Just believe us that it is one of the best of all actions in Short genre and that you will regret that it lasts just 13 m because you would wish to watch a little bit more of it in the end.

Why was the movie bad? Imho it's a very fair flick, it was not predictable, there were fun scenes in plot, its mood is actually nice. I loved it!

8) We know that you will like Love Speed and Thrills flick. Bye.

This film provides cool and good made storyline, though, it is not new.

Love Speed and Thrills movie belongs to Comedy genre and was released in 1915. ;-) Amazing character of Love Speed and Thrills gonna make you feel good while watching the movie. You should watch it with mates online. Famous actors as Chester Conklin, Mack Swain made the movie truly exclusive. It is true, Love Speed and Thrills movie is really one of the hottest movie in Comedy genre in 1915. Movie running time is 13 minutes.

Really worth seeing it, if you are a fanatic or Comedy genre and this picture is really worth one watch, truly enjoy it . Of course every good picture always has got some problems with it but just minor problem can close eyes and let it go. Going to watch it more soon.

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