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  • Title: Django Prepare a Coffin
  • Release year: 1968
  • Director: Ferdinando Baldi
  • Actors: Terence Hill, Horst Frank, George Eastman, José, Torres, Pinuccio Ardia, Guido Lollobrigida, Barbara Simon, Spartaco Conversi, Luciano Rossi, Gianni Brezza, Ferdinando Baldi
  • Movie length: 88 min.
  • Movie genres: Western; Action

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Django Prepare a Coffin Action movie was made in mid 1968. José, Guido Lollobrigida, Horst Frank, Spartaco Conversi made this Action movie exclusive.

The striking film created in Action flow, made in mid 1968.

Don't make your decision to watch this picture off the garbage reviews! The story line of the picture is cool including the story line twist ending, but it could have been produced better.

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