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  • Title: Der müde Tod
  • Release year: 1921
  • Director: Fritz Lang
  • Actors: Lil Dagover, Walter Janssen, Bernhard Goetzke, Hans Sternberg, Karl Rückert, Max Adalbert, Wilhelm Diegelmann, Erich Pabst, Karl Platen, Hermann Picha, Fritz Lang
  • Movie length: 105 min.
  • Movie genres: Fantasy; Thriller

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This is one of the best of tapes in Thriller genre that you shouldn't miss chance of examining or you risk losing a lot of unforgettable unforgettable impressions! Such a nice actors like Lil Dagover, Walter Janssen, Erich Pabst, Wilhelm Diegelmann are acting their roles so cool and without any doubts Der müde Tod is one of the best tapes in 1921. This is the action for everybody and you could spend a unforgettable evening alone, with your buddies and with your family examining Der müde Tod. The running time of the movie is 105 minutes where you will see some other things that you haven't seen before! Der müde Tod movie line was one of the top in 1921. Awesome music, fantastic picture. You will certainly enjoyenjoy with Der müde Tod after spending time with it. The movie in Thriller genre looks nice cool and it is the best of all actions of 1921. Acting such well-known actors : Lil Dagover, Walter Janssen, Erich Pabst, Wilhelm Diegelmann and their acting is so cool and brings a lot of great feelings. Lil Dagover in one of main roles looks so nice too. Length of the movie is: 105 minutes and we can tell with 100% confidence that you listen to our advice and to start getting delight with it right now. Still waiting? Go and begin watching this film right now. Do not forget to like this movie page.

This story is a really funny story with some great action.

Do you really love to examine actions in Fantasy category? If your answer is positive then you should just better start spending tons of delightful time with Der müde Tod, the best action of the category in 1921. Bernhard Goetzke in one of main roles here looks so wonderful and the acting play of other famous actors like: Bernhard Goetzke, Karl Platen, Erich Pabst, Fritz Lang is very exciting too. The action length is: 105 m. We are absolutely sure and can tell without any hesitations that you will love all things that could be found here.

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Generally speaking it is a very fun picture. Don't expect an awesome story or good acting or a good script because that's not what this film is about. If you just need to sit and just watch a movie on a Friday night just to have a silent time then this can be a good option.

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