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  • Title: Hollywoodland
  • Release year: 2006
  • Movie genres: Biography; Crime; Drama; History; Mystery; Thriller
  • Director: Allen Coulter
  • Actors: Adrien Brody, Diane Lane, Ben Affleck, Bob Hoskins, Robin Tunney, Kathleen Robertson, Lois Smith, Phillip MacKenzie, Larry Cedar, Eric Kaldor, Caroline Dhavernas, Kevin Hare, Molly Parker, Zach Mills, Neil Crone, Allen Coulter
  • Movie length: 126 min.

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Do you like to watch actions in Biography category? If your answer is affirmative then you should start spending tons of unforgettable time with Hollywoodland, the best action of the category in 2006. Zach Mills in the main role here looks so great and the acting of other famous actors like: Zach Mills, Larry Cedar, Robin Tunney is very great too. The action length is: 126 m. We are sure and can tell without any doubts that u would like all things that take place here. Hollywoodland story has a pretty superior cast, some really stunning action. If you have got free 126 m of your life and don't know how to spend them then you could spend time with Hollywoodland that is not interesting action in Biography category of year 2006. Maybe you could find some moments of the action would even be quite interesting for u but the action with not impressive acting of Zach Mills, Larry Cedar, Robin Tunney is not cool, if telling the truth. So, if you wish, you could check it up but in my humble opinion, there are more interesting things to do in free time of yours. Really worth streaming it, if you are a fan or Biography genre and this movie is indeed worth to watch, truly liked it . Sure every great movie always has some dilemma with it but just minor problem can close eyes and let it go. Going to check it once more soon. I hope that you 100% will love this movie. It is just my point of view.

This story is a truly fun story with lots of fantastic action.

Such actors like Phillip MacKenzie, Kathleen Robertson make this History film fantastic. Yes, Hollywoodland movie is one of the hottest film in History category in 2006. Actors like Phillip MacKenzie, Kathleen Robertson made this marvelous film even better. Hollywoodland was produced in 2006 and belongs to History genre. Movie time is 126 min.

This is the best joy I've had at a film in years. Yes, the action was number one, but it was certainly worth the price of admission. Yes, there were incredible, questionable, even trashy scenes, but all in all, it was not a bad movie. Why 8 stars instead of, say, 10? Because, over the past 2 years, there is been so many likely proper films that it was excellent to finally come across one that is worth your while. Highly recommended!

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