Watch Caught In A Cabaret movie online

  • Title: Caught in a Cabaret
  • Release year: 1914
  • Director:
  • Actors: Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Harry McCoy, Chester Conklin, Edgar Kennedy, Minta Durfee, Phyllis Allen, Josef Swickard, Alice Davenport, Gordon Griffith
  • Movie length: 16 min.
  • Movie genres: Short; Comedy

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Nice flick. Caught in a Cabaret at least is a something fresh and innovational in 1914.

Caught in a Cabaret Comedy film was produced in 1914. Gordon Griffith, Charles Chaplin, Chester Conklin made the Comedy picture exclusive.

The picture is not that junky and it's attractive but it's just the kind of picture you watch to watch when you're sick and don't know what to do.

We think that you 100% will enjoy this flick. It is just my conclusion.

This Caught in a Cabaret movie was surprisingly absolutely good. Everything in this movie has a reason and I love it when scenes come full circle. Everything made sense at the end, and it was excellent. It didn't have some extra deep story but I still guess it was good and maybe fun to watch. Overall a really fun Short to watch and my face was glued to the TV the whole film. You would certainly love to to have fun with Caught in a Cabaret that is the best Short actions of 1914. Main actors of the film: Gordon Griffith, Minta Durfee, Mabel Normand, Josef Swickard, Harry McCoy. They are acting their roles in a cool way bringing us so many of delight from seeing how nicely they could play. It is one of the best actions of Gordon Griffith. Running time of the film is: 16 min and these min would not and could not leave you disappointed or some other things of this kind! The film is a truly fun date film with lots of good action. Hey! Still waiting? We know that you will like this film.