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  • Title: We the Living
  • Release year: 1942
  • Movie genres: Adventure; Drama; Romance; War
  • Director: Goffredo Alessandrini
  • Actors: Alida Valli, Fosco Giachetti, Rossano Brazzi, Emilio Cigoli, Giovanni Grasso, Annibale Betrone, Sennuccio Benelli, Cesarina Gheraldi, Silvia Manto, Gioia Collei, Goffredo Alessandrini, Elvira Betrone
  • Movie length: 170 min.

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This film is not only a fantastic must see and cool film, but it is destined to be a top rated. Primarily this is a good film for fans of Silvia Manto. It starts pretty fast, slows up a bit in the middle. Action is superb although I really didn't like a couple scenes redundant use of still shots that was a reason why I put another rating star but after all it was amusing. We the Living I liked a lot and find it to be easy to follow. We the Living will show you a very interesting and really motivating story with acting of such well-known and best actors like: Silvia Manto, Cesarina Gheraldi. And you would definitely like to watch the action because it is one of the pleasing movies in Adventure genre. Acting of Silvia Manto makes it unordinary and wonderful. Without any hesitations, We the Living is one of the best movies of 1942. Running time: 170. We assume that the movie would bring you a lot of positive emotions from time with We the Living. Waiting? Start watching the movie right now. Bookmark We the Living movie; and share it.

We the Living would be very exciting for all real devotees of Drama genre. It is great and all the stuff here looks so nice. Here you would find great acting of your favorite actors like Alida Valli, Emilio Cigoli, Rossano Brazzi who are real pro and definitely know everything in acting. Yes, some acting scenes are long and uninteresting and that's why the length of the film in 170 m. But it is the problem of director of the , nor the actors. So, if you like to see some average long film of year 1942 then We the Living is right before you! I loved the movie from start to end. This movie is a very cool movie, filled with much of fantastic action. We the Living Drama movie was made in early 1942. Alida Valli, Emilio Cigoli, Rossano Brazzi made the Drama movie so great. I'm going to keep this short: We the Living rocks! The picture has mostly all the makings of one of the best picture. It has an unusual setting, a different crispy storyline, a lot of action, and a great actor. Despite the failure of either the script producers or creator to create good characters, the storyline, action and setting were full to move the film to where it would be entertaining. Hey! Still waiting? We know that you are going to like this action.