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  • Title: Bikini Baby
  • Release year: 1951
  • Movie genres: Comedy
  • Director: Frank Launder
  • Actors: Dennis Price, John McCallum, Stanley Holloway, Pauline Stroud, Gladys Henson, Bernadette O'Farrell, George Cole, Diana Dors, Eddie Byrne, Kay Kendall, Frank Launder
  • Movie length: 90 min.

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Bikini Baby movie was released in 1951 and it belongs to Comedy genre. Famous actors as Kay Kendall, George Cole, John McCallum, Gladys Henson, Stanley Holloway make this Comedy movie fantastic. So, Bikini Baby is one of the greatest movie in Comedy category in 1951. Such actors like Kay Kendall, George Cole, John McCallum, Gladys Henson, Stanley Holloway made this amazing movie even better. Movie running time: 90 minutes.

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