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  • Title: Astaire Time
  • Release year: 1960
  • Movie genres: Musical
  • Director: Greg Garrison
  • Actors: Fred Astaire, Count Basie, Barrie Chase, Art Gilmore, Ken Nordine, Larri Thomas, Joe Williams, Greg Garrison
  • Movie length: 60 min.

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Astaire Time movie is a pretty interesting movie, filled with some dynamic moments.

U will not ever forget about seeing Astaire Time in the Musical genre! All the stuff in the film of the year 1960 looks so good and actors know how to make us feeling so excited and like in the reality from seeing everything they are doing on the stage. Here u will see how such a famous actors like Art Gilmore, Greg Garrison, Barrie Chase, Ken Nordine act their roles so cool. A duration of the film is 60 minutes but u will feel them like some very interesting plans. Our rating for Astaire Time is 10 of 10!

Do you like to watch movies in Musical genre? If your answer is affirmative then you should should not be against to start spending tons of delightful time with Astaire Time, the best film of the genre in 1960. Art Gilmore in one of main roles here looks so wonderful and the acting of other famous actors like: Art Gilmore, Greg Garrison, Barrie Chase, Ken Nordine is very great too. The film duration is: 60 minutes. We are sure and can tell with 100% guarantee that u will like all things that wait for you here.

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Interesting film. Astaire Time at least is a something groundbreaking and innovational in 1960. A flick of moderate quality that I watch many times and enjoy every time. I think this is the kind of flick should be watched in the cinema. Cast team well crafted and I think many actors fit well with the roles also strong in acting. Visuals compared to 1990s elegant, feels like producers spent lots of $ on the movie. I'm not very happy with lots of scenes but it was nevertheless excellent. Also, the scenario is a bit complicated. A flick that I would suggest if you plan to have fun in your free time! This famous show created in Musical genre, made in early 1960. I hope that you will like this movie. It is just my conclusion.