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  • Title: Face of Fire
  • Release year: 1959
  • Director: Albert Band
  • Actors: Cameron Mitchell, James Whitmore, Bettye Ackerman, Miko Oscard, Royal Dano, Robert F. Simon, Richard Erdman, Howard Smith, Lois Maxwell, Jill Donohue, Albert Band
  • Movie length: 79 min.
  • Movie genres: Drama

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1959 is so rich for good actions and Face of Fire is the best of these actions that u shouldn't be against of watching! It is really cool for all participants of family and that is why u could enjoy watching it alone, with your buddies or with the whole family. Richard Erdman, Jill Donohue are playing their roles so nicely and so realistic that u will live their lives. So, if u are a real lover of Drama actions then this is the one that u shouldn't miss an opportunity of watching right now. The duration of this tape is 79 min. This movie is not only a cool romantic and fast film, but it's supposed to be a top. World-class Face of Fire movie was made in 1959 year and suits to Drama section. Starring Richard Erdman, Jill Donohue make this Drama film fantastic. It is true, Face of Fire is one of the strongest film in Drama genre. Such excellent actors like Richard Erdman, Jill Donohue have made this fantastic movie even better. Movie length: 79 min. Have any ideas? Submit them into our comments form. You have to sign up.

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If u fed up with all the same actions in Drama genre and wish to examine some other things wonderful and unordinary then get our congratulations because Face of Fire is right before u in this moment! Both the director and nice actors like Lois Maxwell, Albert Band, Miko Oscard, Jill Donohue are real pro and it seems they are not acting but living their roles, becoming parts of their heroes. We think this is one of the best of all actions of 1959. Face of Fire duration is 79 mins where u will see a lot of unforgettable and great scenes! Just sit more comfortable and enjoy!

Such good actors as Lois Maxwell, Albert Band, Miko Oscard, Jill Donohue make this Drama movie so great. Conclusion, Face of Fire movie is one of the greatest movie in Drama category in 1959. Stars like Lois Maxwell, Albert Band, Miko Oscard, Jill Donohue made this fantastic flick even more fantastic. Face of Fire was produced in 1959 and released under Drama category. Movie's length is 79 mins.

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