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  • Title: Untamed
  • Release year: 1955
  • Movie genres: Adventure; Drama; Romance
  • Director: Henry King
  • Actors: Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward, Richard Egan, John Justin, Agnes Moorehead, Rita Moreno, Hope Emerson, Brad Dexter, Henry O'Neill, Paul Thompson, Henry King
  • Movie length: 111 min.

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Untamed is a good film especially for fans of Brad Dexter, Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward, Paul Thompson, Richard Egan. Great effects, very good written, amazing filming, and well acted.

Bored with repetitive free time? Want to spend a lot of pleasurable time watching some cool Drama action? Then you could listen to our piece of advice and get pleasure with watching Untamed. The action is about interesting and so engaging story that would not leave you disappointed. You would dive into the world of feelings, emotions and passions. We are sure that you will love this action so much and Untamed would become your favorite action in the Drama category too. Acting: Brad Dexter, Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward, Paul Thompson, Richard Egan. Length: 111 min.

'Untamed' knows what movie it is - excellent pop corn movie with a high action scenes count. The story is plain. It's certainly got some pressure. It's the sort of film you would enjoy even more with family and a couple of beers.

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This film is a pretty cool movie, filled with some fantastic action.

Do you love to watch movies in Drama genre? If your answer is affirmative then you should should not be against to start spending tons of unforgettable time with Untamed, the greatest action of the genre in 1955. Brad Dexter in the main role here looks so great and the acting of other actors like: Brad Dexter, Paul Thompson, Susan Hayward, Henry King, Agnes Moorehead is very impressive too. The action length is: 111 m. We are absolutely sure and can tell with 100% guarantee that u will love all things that wait for you here.

Untamed is a really good Drama picture. Although it isn't fully void of defects, a few failures don't change the picture so much. The 3 core elements of the picture are: visuals, interaction between characters and the storyline. All 3 are really good actually. The movement of the picture is normal, it's fast, but it's not hard to track. Yes this is not a corn and cola motion picture, but it's totally watchable and absolutely fun each time.

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