Streaming Opening Night 1978 full movie

  • Title: Opening Night
  • Release year: 1978
  • Movie genres: Drama
  • Director: John Cassavetes
  • Actors: Gena Rowlands, John Cassavetes, Ben Gazzara, Joan Blondell, Paul Stewart, Zohra Lampert, Laura Johnson, John Tuell, Ray Powers, John Finnegan, John Cassavetes
  • Movie length: 144 min.

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It is truth that you are a lucky person because you visited the right place, the place where you have an opportunity to find the Drama movie that you would love! Opening Night is made by people who know how to produce nice actions and Zohra Lampert, John Tuell, Paul Stewart, Gena Rowlands here acting so nicely and on they all are on right places. We can tell without doubts that the movie of 1978 and with duration of 144 m would be added to your home video collection and that you would watch it again and again after watching it for the first time. Good movie. Opening Night at least is a something new or original in 1978. Good actors giving good performances but the story is stale and predictable. This is the best joy I've had at a film in years. Yes, the action was number one, but it was definitely worth the watch. Yes, there were bad, impossible, even rubbishy moments, but nevertheless, it wasn't a waste. Why 9 stars instead of, say, 10? Because, over the past 10 years, there is been lots of perhaps excellent films that it is good to finally find one that is worth your while. 100% recommended! Have an own opinion? Submit them in our comments form. You must register.

The opinions I have been reading and checking on other sites are so cheap that I decided to go see for myself. I'd rank this flick as 7 out of ten. I saw what I expected. I was really shocked! This famous flick created in Drama flow, made in 1978. Yeah, this movie will gonna explode your head in pieces. 8) We know that you will love Opening Night action. Cheers.