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  • Title: Supercon
  • Release year: 2018
  • Director: Zak Knutson
  • Actors: Maggie Grace, Clancy Brown, John Malkovich, Ryan Kwanten, Mike Epps, Dana Snyder, Russell Peters, Candi Brooks, CariDee English, Cailey Fleming, Zak Knutson
  • Movie length: 100 min.
  • Movie genres: Comedy

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Films in Comedy category bring you tons of great positive emotions? Then you should get congratulations because now you came to the right place with the most wonderful actions of year 2018 in this category. Supercon is a very cool film and there are so many wonderful actors like Dana Snyder, Maggie Grace, Zak Knutson, CariDee English, John Malkovich who are playing their roles so likely. Length of the film is 100 min that allow you to enjoy seeing impressive scenes with Dana Snyder in the main role. This film is a pretty decent movie, that filled with much of great action. All lovers of really amazing films in Comedy genre will be very glad to examine Supercon very much. So, if you are one of us then you should just sit more comfortable and start having tons of enjoyment seeing this film of year 2018. Here you will find a very great acting of your beloved actors: Dana Snyder, Maggie Grace, Zak Knutson, CariDee English, John Malkovich who look so cool and on their places in Supercon. The length of the film is 100 min but you feel it is just one second because everything in the film is so exciting. So, you should not think how to spend so unforgettable night anymore! :-) I think that you 100% will like Supercon movie. Cheers.

Supercon is a fully good Comedy movie. While it isn't solely void of glitches, a couple failures don't change the flick so much. The 3 main components of the flick are: pressure, communication between performers and the story. All 3 are really excellent actually. The velocity of the flick is great, it's speedy, but it's not hard to track. Yes this is a popcorn movie, but it's totally good and absolutely enjoyable each time. Supercon is a very boring movie. In our opinion, one of the most boring movies of 2018. Running time is 100 min of uninteresting stuff with bad acting of CariDee English and other CariDee English, Maggie Grace, Mike Epps. You don't believe in what they are doing, you don't believe in dialogs, you don't believe in emotions that they are playing. We can say for sure that Supercon is one of the most tedious and unimpressive movies in Comedy. The rates of the movie are very low. Watch it if you ready don't have what to do and want to spend 100 min of life. Supercon movie is a really cool movie, filled with lots of cool moments. Have any thoughts? Submit them in our comments form. You should sign up.