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  • Title: The Enchanted Drawing
  • Release year: 1900
  • Movie genres: Animation; Short; Comedy
  • Director: J. Stuart Blackton
  • Actors: J. Stuart Blackton, J. Stuart Blackton
  • Movie length: 2 min.

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The story has a really fantastic cast, some really great action. This movie to me was not like a lot of the Short genre films that I watched. This movie was special cause it more secret and let viewers get closer and learn the main character. This movie definitely is plenty twist and there wasn't a time where I was shocked or disinterested of the movie. Believe us that you are a very lucky person because now you came to the right place, the place where you have an opportunity to find the Short film that you would like so much! The Enchanted Drawing is produced by right people who know what is what in producing impressive films and J. Stuart Blackton, J. Stuart Blackton here acting so wonderful and on right place. We can tell without doubts that the film of 1900 and with length of 2 mins would be added by you to your home collection and that you would watch it some more times after examining it for the first time. Waiting? Begin watching the film right now. Tweet The Enchanted Drawing movie; and share it.

Driving sense of The Enchanted Drawing film is going to take your mind while watching it online with your family ;) or alone. J. Stuart Blackton is acting in this Animation movie so good and this is because you will enjoy watching it every second! It is a fantastic movie and doesn't give you a headache. This movie has so much cool moments, you will not forget. This movie is a pretty cool movie, that filled with much of good action. Movie time is 2 mins. film belongs to Animation style, made in mid 1900. So, if you want to see some nice a little bit long movie of year 1900 then The Enchanted Drawing is before you! Great exciting and surprisingly great. Good special fxs for a tiny budget movie. Nice story line a good surprise around every second. Still waiting? Start watching The Enchanted Drawing movie right now. Bookmark The Enchanted Drawing movie; and share with friends.