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  • Title: Suhaag
  • Release year: 1994
  • Director: Sandesh Kohli
  • Actors: Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor, Nagma, Aruna Irani, Dalip Tahil, Tiku Talsania, Romesh Sharma, Adi Irani, Suresh Oberoi, Sandesh Kohli
  • Movie length: 90 min.
  • Movie genres: Action

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It's a right movie exclusively for fans of Aruna Irani, Sandesh Kohli, Dalip Tahil, Romesh Sharma. Mind blowing music, very good written, good filming, and great acted.

Become impressed during great pastime with this so nice action, Suhaag. It would impress you so much and you will realize that it is one of the best of all movies of year 1994 in Action niche. You could find a nice acting of very well-known actors like Aruna Irani, Sandesh Kohli, Dalip Tahil, Romesh Sharma. If you like to watch Action movies then just don't miss a chance to spend 90 min with Suhaag. We hope u will like it very much.

You will fall in love with Suhaag after examining it. The action in Action niche looks nice cool and it is best of all actions of 1994. Acting such well-known actors : Aruna Irani, Sandesh Kohli, Dalip Tahil, Romesh Sharma and acting of theirs is so cool and so impressive. Aruna Irani in one of main roles looks excellent too. Running time of the action is: 90 min and we are sure that you listen to our advice and to start getting delight with it right now.

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Just my conclusion. This film is just a nice for one time watch. It could have been a cool movie but they killed it with the archaic music quality. This is one film I'd absolutely recommend to people with late school aged children. It's not extra trashy or dumb in my own opinion. The script is great too, Sandesh Kohli is great for the role, very impressive and fitting for the role. You can't wait any longer for watching some high quality and wonderful-looking movie? Then you can't be against of spending so many pleasurable time with Suhaag, the nice movie of year 1994. It is definitely so interesting for all lovers of Action niche and if you are one of them then just start getting pleasure watching it now! Nice acting of Sandesh Kohli, Dalip Tahil, Aruna Irani would bring you at cloud seven. The movie length is 90 minutes. :-) I hope that you 100% will love Suhaag film. Thanks.