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  • Title: Man in the Saddle
  • Release year: 1951
  • Director: AndrĂ© De Toth
  • Actors: Randolph Scott, Joan Leslie, Ellen Drew, Alexander Knox, Richard Rober, John Russell, Alfonso Bedoya, Guinn 'Big Boy', Williams, Clem Bevans, Cameron Mitchell, AndrĂ© De Toth
  • Movie length: 87 min.
  • Movie genres: Western

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A picture of nice level that I watch lots of times and enjoy every time. I think this kind of picture should be watched in the movie theater. Actors team very well crafted and I think all performers fit well with the characters also outstanding in acting. Effects compared to 2000s pretty, feels like creators spent millions of dollars on the flick. I'm not very happy with some scenes but it was still beautiful. Also, the scenario is a bit simple. A picture that I would suggest if you plan to have some fun in your spare time! Man in the Saddle is showing you a so striking story and together with excellent acting of Guinn 'Big Boy', Williams, this film brings so many great feelings to every person who examined it. This is one of the best films of Guinn 'Big Boy' and you will like so much all things that would take place here. Man in the Saddle the most anticipated movies of 1951. You will understand why after staring to watch the action. Length of Man in the Saddle is: 87 mins. We think you wouldn't regret about this right choice and about examining the film. Amazing film. Man in the Saddle at least is a something fresh and original in 1951. We hope you 100% will enjoy Man in the Saddle flick. Thank you. :-)