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  • Title: Harlow
  • Release year: 1965
  • Director: Gordon Douglas
  • Actors: Carroll Baker, Red Buttons, Raf Vallone, Angela Lansbury, Peter Lawford, Mike Connors, Martin Balsam, Leslie Nielsen, Mary Murphy, Hanna Hertelendy, Gordon Douglas
  • Movie length: 125 min.
  • Movie genres: Biography; Drama; Romance

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What do you assume why Harlow from Drama category got the average rating from us? Because it is really average and it is impossible to find many outstanding things to watch in it. If you have got a lot of free time and wish to spend 125 minutes of it then this action of year 1965 is your chance to spend it in more enjoyable way. But if telling the truth, the acting of Mike Connors in main role and outstanding Mike Connors, Red Buttons, Hanna Hertelendy, Peter Lawford in other roles isn't convincing at all. Harlow movie is a pretty cool movie, filled with much of stunning action. Harlow film was released in 1965 and belongs to Drama genre. I have spent a lot of days to collect all these free links to Harlow movie. Actors like Mike Connors, Red Buttons, Hanna Hertelendy, Peter Lawford made the film really exclusive. Don't wait. Go and start watching Harlow movie right now. Do not forget to add to your tweeter movie.

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