Watch Trancers: City Of Lost Angels 1988 full movie

  • Title: Trancers: City of Lost Angels
  • Release year: 1988
  • Movie genres: Short; Sci-Fi
  • Director: Charles Band
  • Actors: Tim Thomerson, Alyson Croft, Helen Hunt, Art LaFleur, Telma Hopkins, Grace Zabriskie, Velvet Rhodes, Charles Band
  • Movie length: 24 min.

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This story is a really fun story with lots of great action.

You will certainly get tons of cool feelings and will enjoy from acting of Alyson Croft, Art LaFleur during pleasurable pastime with Trancers: City of Lost Angels, the best of all Short films of 1988. The main idea of Trancers: City of Lost Angels is really amazing and acting of Alyson Croft makes it so realistic and so cool. We rate this movie as 10 from 10 and we recommend everyone to start enjoying with it right now! There are just 24 min that will bring you so many of great pleasurable impressions.

Trancers: City of Lost Angels Short picture was produced in late 1988. Alyson Croft, Art LaFleur made this Short film fantastic. I am gonna keep this short: Trancers: City of Lost Angels is awesome!

Really worth streaming it, if you are a fan or Short genre and this flick is really worth one watch, for sure liked it . Surely every good flick always has got some issues with it but just small problem can close your eyes and let it go. Going to watch it again soon.

I think you 100% will enjoy Trancers: City of Lost Angels action. Cheers. 8)

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