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  • Title: Leptirica
  • Release year: 1973
  • Director: Djordje Kadijevic
  • Actors: Mirjana Nikolic, Petar Bozovic, Slobodan Perovic, Vasja Stankovic, Aleksandar Stojkovic, Tanasije Uzunovic, Ivan Djurdjevic, Branko Petkovic, Toma Kuruzovic, Bogoljub Petrovic, Djordje Kadijevic
  • Movie length: 90 min.
  • Movie genres: Drama; Horror

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Leptirica movie is a pretty decent movie, that filled with lots of fantastic action.

Leptirica is demonstrating you a really attention grabbing story and together with great acting of Mirjana Nikolic, Branko Petkovic, Toma Kuruzovic, this action brings tons of wonderful emotions to every person who checked it. This is one of the best roles of Mirjana Nikolic and you will like so much everything that gonna take place here. Leptirica is one of the most anticipated actions of 1973. You will understand why after watching the action. Length of Leptirica is: 90 mins. We hope you wouldn't regret about this choice and about watching the action.

This Leptirica film was extraordinarily really good. Every minute in this film has a reason and I like it when parts of the movie come full circle. Every second made sense at the end, and it was interesting. It didn't have a lot of super deep story but I still assume it was interesting and certainly fun to watch. On the whole a really fun Drama to watch and my face was glued to the TV the whole picture.

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Leptirica movie belongs to Drama genre and was created in 1973. 8) Groovy character of Leptirica is going to make you feel good while watching this movie. You should watch it with girlfriend online. Starring Petar Bozovic, Mirjana Nikolic, Djordje Kadijevic, Branko Petkovic made the movie really exclusive. Yes, Leptirica movie is truly one of the hottest movie in Drama genre in 1973. Movie running time is 90 mins.

Leptirica is one of the greatest films of 1973 with such famous actors like Petar Bozovic, Mirjana Nikolic, Djordje Kadijevic, Branko Petkovic who are acting so amazing. You should just stop looking for some other things if you are looking forward to spend a pleasurable night alone or with some friends of yours watching the Drama movie. One of most wonderful of them is before you! Length of the movie is 90 min and you would really enter the world of great positive emotions that Petar Bozovic and other participants of the movie are demonstrating you during this time. Thanks very much and pleasant view.

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