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  • Title: The Major
  • Release year: 2013
  • Movie genres: Action; Crime; Drama
  • Director: Yuriy Bykov
  • Actors: Denis Shvedov, Yuriy Bykov, Irina Nizina, Ilya Isaev, Dmitriy Kulichkov, Boris Nevzorov, Kirill Polukhin, Pavel Basov, Vladislav Toldykov, Yuriy Bykov
  • Movie length: 99 min.

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The Major is one of the greatest films of 2013 with such famous actors like Ilya Isaev, Dmitriy Kulichkov, Boris Nevzorov, Denis Shvedov who are playing their roles so excellent. You should just stop looking for something else if you want to spend a pleasurable night alone or with your friends watching the Drama film. One of best of them is before you! Running time of the film is 99 min and you would definitely enter the world of great positive emotions that Ilya Isaev and other participants of the film are demonstrating you during this time. Thanks very much and pleasant view.

If u like checking up Drama films and want to relax with a good action then The Major would definitely impress you very much! The Major action was produced in year 2013 and the wonderful acting of such good actors like Ilya Isaev, Dmitriy Kulichkov, Boris Nevzorov, Denis Shvedov makes it looking cool. You should just become a lucky witness of all interesting stuff that take place in The Major and you would certainly understand that you have not examined something as great before. The duration of the action is 99 min. We hope you would like the unforgettable time you spent with it.

The Major is a really fun Drama film. While it isn't entirely void of flaws, a few missteps don't change the movie so much. The three leading components of the movie are: action, interaction between characters and the storyline. All three are quite excellent actually. The velocity of the movie is great, it's rapid, but it's not hard to track. Yes this is a popcorn picture, but it's totally acceptable and really enjoyable each time.

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