Watch Bloody Fists 1972 movie

  • Title: Bloody Fists
  • Release year: 1972
  • Movie genres: Action
  • Director: See-Yuen Ng
  • Actors: Sing Chen, Kuan Tai Chen, Ta Chuan Liu, Yung Henry Yu, Lindy Lim Yue Mei, Hoh Sau-san, San Lau, Yeh Fang, Kwai Shan, Kwok Choi Hon, See-Yuen Ng, Sau Sun Ho, Hsin-Yi Tseng
  • Movie length: 94 min.

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Nice movie. Bloody Fists at least is a something groundbreaking and original in 1972.

Impulsive character of Bloody Fists film will take all your mind while watching it on line with girlfriend :) or alone. Lindy Lim Yue Mei is acting in this Action movie so great and this is because you will enjoy watching it every time! It is a hottest movie and does not give you a pain. The movie has so much powerfull moments, you will not forget.

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This Bloody Fists movie was extraordinarily absolutely good. Everything in this movie has a place and I love it when episodes come full circle. Everything makes a hit at the end, and it was awesome. It didn't have a lot of cool deep story but I still guess it was decent and certainly fun to watch. Overall a really fun Action to watch and my face was glued to the monitor the whole time.

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Not a lot you can see that's not right with this flick. It's simply the best flick in Action genre that the producer has been creating up to for latest 20 years. And those that pretend it didn't have an end as a positive. Bloody Fists is showing you a really engaging story and together with great acting of Kwok Choi Hon, Yeh Fang, Yung Henry Yu, Sing Chen, this action brings tons of nice emotions to everyone who examined it. This is one of the best roles of Kwok Choi Hon and you will love so much everything that are going to be here. Bloody Fists the most anticipated actions of 1972. You will understand why after staring to watch the film. Length of Bloody Fists is: 94 min. We think you wouldn't regret about this choice and about examining the action. Bloody Fists film is a really funny film with some top-quality action. We think that you 100% will love this action. It is just my IMHO.