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  • Title: Effects
  • Release year: 1980
  • Director: Dusty Nelson
  • Actors: Joseph Pilato, Susan Chapek, John Harrison, Bernard McKenna, Debra Gordon, Tom Savini, Charles Hoyes, Blay Bahnsen, Joe Wittkofski, John Sutton, Dusty Nelson
  • Movie length: 84 min.
  • Movie genres: Horror; Thriller

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One of the worst actions in the world, Effects is before you right now! This movie is from year 1980 and it would not make you impressed at all. Duration of the uninteresting movie is 84 m with not catchy acting of not bad actors like Charles Hoyes, Debra Gordon, Blay Bahnsen, Bernard McKenna, Joseph Pilato. The director was not good at all too, some scenes are very long and some are very short. We think that this is one of the worst actions of Horror genre in the world! This movie line will gonna explode your imagination in pieces. If u really love watching Horror actions and wish to spend time with a wonderful movie then Effects would for sure impress you very much! Effects movie came to cinemas in year 1980 and the good acting of such famous actors like Charles Hoyes, Debra Gordon, Blay Bahnsen, Bernard McKenna, Joseph Pilato makes it looking fascinating. Just better become a lucky witness of all great stuff that take place in Effects and you would definitely understand that you have not examined something as cool before. The duration of the movie is 84 m. We hope you would get enjoyment from the unforgettable time you spent with it. Still waiting? Start watching the film right now. Bookmark Effects movie, and share with friends.

Effects was released in 1980 and belongs to Horror category. I spent a lot of time to get all these 100% free links to Effects movie. Stars Bernard McKenna, Debra Gordon, Joseph Pilato, John Sutton, Blay Bahnsen made the movie so special. I liked this movie from beginning to finish. This movie is a very good movie, that filled with much of good action. Great actors giving fantastic performances but the movie plot is flat and predictable. The picture is not that poor and it's cute but it's just the kind of picture you watch when you're tired and don't know what to do. Have any ideas? Post them in our comment box. You have to sign up.