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  • Title: Ship Ahoy
  • Release year: 1942
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Musical; Romance
  • Director: Edward Buzzell
  • Actors: Eleanor Powell, Red Skelton, Bert Lahr, Virginia O'Brien, William Post Jr., James Cross, Eddie Hartman, Stuart Crawford, John Emery, Bernard Nedell, Edward Buzzell
  • Movie length: 95 min.

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Nothing and nobody would stop you from watching Ship Ahoy if you are looking forward to watch the greatest of all actions in Comedy genre. The movie of 1942 with excellent direction of wonderful director and so wonderful convictive actor play of well-known actors like: Eleanor Powell, Bert Lahr, Stuart Crawford, Virginia O'Brien, James Cross and Eleanor Powell in a main role makes Ship Ahoy so cool and so impressive. The length of the movie is 95 mins and you would feel a little bit disappointed about the end of the movie because it is so nice. You will definitely love the movie so much, we can give you 100% guarantee.

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Ship Ahoy film is a pretty decent movie, that filled with lots of great action.

Ship Ahoy Romance film was made in late 1942. William Post Jr., Bernard Nedell, Eddie Hartman, Eleanor Powell, John Emery make this film terrific to see. Just my personal opinion.

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