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  • Title: Dulha Dulhan
  • Release year: 1964
  • Director: Ravindra Dave
  • Actors: Raj Kapoor, Sadhana Shivdasani, Agha, K.N. Singh, Raj Mehra, Vishwa Mehra, Kumud Tripathi, Bhola, Yusuf, Anwaribai, Ravindra Dave
  • Movie length: 90 min.
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Drama; Family

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Just my opinion. Dulha Dulhan movie is just a nice for one time watch. It could have been a good film but they had to ruin it with the old sound track. The comments I was reading and checking on other sites are so sad that I had to go see for myself. I'd rank the movie as 9 out of 10. I saw what I predicted. I was happily surprised! This film, Dulha Dulhan of 1964 year definitely makes people who watch it impressed about it! And we recommend you to watch the film getting a lot of great emotions about watching it! Sometimes so funny and sometimes with so deep ideas, it is really cool. The acting of K.N. Singh, Ravindra Dave, Bhola, Anwaribai, Kumud Tripathi makes it even greater. Just believe us that it is one of the most wonderful of all films in Drama category and that you will regret that the duration of the film just 90 m wishing to watch more of it in the end. I think you will enjoy Dulha Dulhan film. Thank you. :)

You found good movie to watch right now. This is just amazing! If you did not see this film yet then you must watch it. Open your eyes to this amazing story. Liked the picture! It was very good. Suspenseful, not scary. The characters were funny. I loved the visuals. The location was beautiful. I thought this was going to be more of an action picture, but it is not. I was surprised I loved it much! If you like Family, "Dulha Dulhan" is for you. Extremely recommend! What do you believe why Dulha Dulhan from Family category got such low rating from us? Because it is the very average and it is impossible to find many outstanding things to watch in it. So, only if you have got a lot of free time and want to waste 90 min of it then this action of year 1964 is your opportunity to spend it in a little bit more pleasurable way. But we think, the acting of Sadhana Shivdasani in main role and well-known Sadhana Shivdasani, Raj Mehra, Yusuf in other roles is not cool at all. Still waiting? Go and start watching Dulha Dulhan movie right now. Don't hesitate to like film.