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  • Title: Getting Lucky
  • Release year: 1990
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Fantasy
  • Director: Michael Paul Girard
  • Actors: Steven Cooke, Lezlie Z. McCraw, Rick McDowell, Garry Kluger, Jean Stewart, Dick Monda, Pattie Gordon, C.J. Merrill, Millie Quinn, Paul G. Kenner, Michael Paul Girard
  • Movie length: 85 min.

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Getting Lucky is one of the worth of all tapes in Comedy genre that I have examined and I just do not want to recommend it to anyone! Of course, if you have 85 mins of free time and have not got any imagination about what to do then you could watching the flick, but not in other cases. Here is the full of actors who are playing in the action their not the best roles: Lezlie Z. McCraw, Jean Stewart, Steven Cooke, Rick McDowell, C.J. Merrill. So, I am sure it is one of the most non-interesting of all Comedy tapes in the year 1990. And so only if you have not got any idea about how to spend free evening then watch it. You really want to see fantastic scene today? Movie length is 85 mins. film belongs to Comedy genre, made in late 1990. So, if you want to see some average a little bit long action of year 1990 then Getting Lucky is right before you! Why was that bad? Imho it is a really fair picture, it was not bad, there were surprises in plot, its atmosphere is really excellent. I liked it! Hey! Still waiting? We know that you are going to love this movie.

It's a right flick especially for fans of Pattie Gordon, Jean Stewart, Garry Kluger, Michael Paul Girard, Paul G. Kenner. Amazing 3d effects, very good written, wonderful production, and well acted. Not much you may find that's wrong with this picture. It's completely the best picture in Comedy genre that the producer has been building up to for recent 15 years. And those that insist it didn't have an ending as a negative. Getting Lucky film belongs to Comedy category and was produced in 1990. Pattie Gordon is one of my favorite actors (who does not enjoy Pattie Gordon?) and sure this was the main reason why I had to to check this movie. Pattie Gordon was the actor who had magic, who has own reality. 100%, Getting Lucky movie is a really one of the best movie in Comedy genre in 1990. Movie running time is 85 mins. We hope that you will get pleasure from this film. 8) Tweet Getting Lucky film and share with friends.