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  • Title: Another Year
  • Release year: 2014
  • Movie genres: Drama
  • Director: Oksana Bychkova
  • Actors: Aleksey Filimonov, Nadya Lumpova, Oksana Bychkova
  • Movie length: 107 min.

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This interesting film is created in Drama genre, created in 2014. You really want to see exclusive experience right now? Another Year is one of the worth of all tapes in Drama genre that I have ever watched and I just do not wish to recommend it to anyone! Of course, if u have 107 min of free time and have not got any imagination about what to do then u could examining the film, but not in other cases. This is the not full of actors who are playing in the film their average roles: Oksana Bychkova, Nadya Lumpova. So, I think it is one of the most non-interesting of all Drama tapes in the year 2014. And so only if u have not got any idea about how to spend free evening then watch it. Filming is exciting with unreal locations and a good actors and an unforgettable script could be wrong!? Well if you think that Oksana Bychkova make things that you see on the picture you maybe is crazy! The great thing in this Another Year picture is not boring! But Oksana Bychkova is very weird and improves the picture, but the actor is a bit simple. Have an own opinion? Post them into our comment box. You should sign up.