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  • Title: Abel Gance’s Napoleon
  • Release year: 1929
  • Director: Abel Gance
  • Actors: Albert Dieudonné, Vladimir Roudenko, Edmond Van Daële, Alexandre Koubitzky, Antonin Artaud, Abel Gance, Gina Manès, Suzanne Bianchetti, Marguerite Gance, Yvette Dieudonné, Abel Gance
  • Movie length: 222 min.
  • Movie genres: Biography; Drama; History; War

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Abel Gance’s Napoleon film has a pretty fantastic cast, some very great production.

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Stars as Marguerite Gance, Edmond Van Daële, Alexandre Koubitzky, Yvette Dieudonné make this Drama movie so great. Yes, Abel Gance’s Napoleon movie is 100% hottest movie in Drama style in 1929. Actors like Marguerite Gance, Edmond Van Daële, Alexandre Koubitzky, Yvette Dieudonné made this fantastic film even greater. Abel Gance’s Napoleon was created in 1929 and belongs to Drama genre. Movie's length is 222 mins.

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