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  • Title: This Woman Is Mine
  • Release year: 1941
  • Director: Frank Lloyd
  • Actors: Franchot Tone, John Carroll, Walter Brennan, Carol Bruce, Nigel Bruce, Paul Hurst, Frank Conroy, Leo G. Carroll, Abner Biberman, Sig Ruman, Frank Lloyd
  • Movie length: 92 min.
  • Movie genres: Adventure; Drama

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This movie provides great and good made story, but, it's hardly groundbreaking.

One of the boring films of all times and peoples, This Woman Is Mine is before you now! This action is from year 1941 and it would not make you impressed at all. Duration of the boring action is 92 mins with not catchy acting of quite good actors like Walter Brennan, Sig Ruman. The director was not good at all too, some scenes are too long and some are too short. We think that this is one of the worst films of Drama category in the whole Universe!

This Woman Is Mine film belongs to Drama genre and was produced in 1941. 8) Dynamic character of This Woman Is Mine will make you feel great after downloading the film. You may watch it with family online. Actors as Walter Brennan, Sig Ruman made the film truly so great. 100%, This Woman Is Mine film is really one of the hottest film in Drama genre in 1941. Movie length is 92 m.

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